Sustainability through reconditioning.

With Barrivita, you double the life span of your barrels while maintaining the quality of your products. Therefore, we also like to talk about revitalization.

With a revitalized barrel the same aromas are obtained and the maturation process is identical to that of a new barrel.

After the second useful life of your barrel, you can continue to market the used barrels as before and without losses.

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The Peeling.

The barrels are completely mechanically peeled, without using chemicals.

To do this, the lid is opened and the interior is exposed to clean water that is under extremely high pressure. During this process, exactly 4 mm of the wood is removed.

Compared to hand pickling, there is no need for complete disassembly, which not only greatly speeds up the process, but also makes it more cost-effective. However, one of the most important advantages is the ecological aspect, because this form of processing does not modify your natural product in any way.

The barrel is peeled with a water pressure of up to 3,000 bar.


The toasting.

For the toast you choose between four degrees: light, medium, medium strong or heavy.

Depending on how you want to make your wine, you determine the degree of toasting. Compared to other methods, we achieve a uniform toast of the barrels. The inner walls are treated with a stream of hot air circulating at a temperature of up to 300 ° C. At the same time, the barrel is cooled from the outside to avoid overheating. The grades are the result of the duration of the toasting process. Additionally, the barrel is sterilized and all protruding wood chips are “burned” – creating a clean surface.

During the toasting process, the outside of the keg is cooled with water.

Double the lifespan while maintaining the same quality.

The reprocessing of the barrels has the great advantage of doubling the lifespan. A more important aspect, however, is the quality of the wines, because that is what ultimately matters.

The barrels that have been revitalized with the Barrivita process have the same flavor as the new barrels. Furthermore, ripening is accelerated by the enlarged surface of the staves.

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